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Wool Bucket Bag by Cecilie Telle: Ivory

£210.00 / Sold Out

Made in London

Cecilie Telle is a knitter and felt maker, a designer and teacher. She makes functional and practical items out of wool. All of her products are hand made in London using exclusively British wool, and her hands will have touched every piece.

Cecilie takes time and cares over every piece she makes to create objects that have the presence of the human hand in the fabric.

When she was at The Royal College of Art, Cecilie began to nurture inanimate objects: twigs, logs, trees, eventually a sheep covered in its own jumper. Later, she became fascinated by the science of what happens when you put a piece of knitting in the wash: essentially the transformation of a single thread into solid fabric; pure magic.

Being a Norwegian and have inherited a love of traditional crafts, she makes functional objects that is unique with all it’s imperfections.

100% Wool