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Undyed Wool Blanket


Comprised of 100% natural undyed wool, these blankets are woven on vintage shuttle looms in the highlands of Mexico state. These pieces are processed by hand using traditional methods, locally produced wool, along with antique machinery for the production process. The makers of these blankets traditionally work in collective weaving workshops on industrial machinery, which allows for maximum production capabilities without sacrificing quality.

As this region can be chilly, these pieces are generally made to serve as a large shawl that keeps both the men and the women of this region protected from the elements. Given the nature of the virgin wool that makes up every piece, these blankets are suitable for all weather and naturally wick moisture away from the body. Available in solid cream, solid grey and in stripes.

Approx. 104cm x 225cm with fringe
Given the nature of handmade, sizes, designs and colours may vary slightly from the featured product image.

For best care results, this piece should be dry cleaned by a professional with expertise in wool textiles. High quality wool products do not require frequent cleanings, and small marks can generally be gently wiped off with a dry cloth.