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Textured Vases by Attua Aparicio

by Attua Aparicio

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"I share my studio with the glass blower Jochen Holz, who works with borosilicate glass. I found out that due to the different composition, this type of glass can’t be recycled in the standard recycling bin system and there is no available collection of this glass in the UK, so it goes directly into landfill.
This got stuck in my mind and it got me thinking about ways to turn waste into raw material.
I started working on this project, with only a basic knowledge of ceramics and glass. I knew that one of the main ingredients of glazes is powder glass, which led me to want to combine borosilicate glass waste with ceramics.
When I shared the intentions of my project with ceramic or glass experts their initial feedback was that it wasn't going to work (and that I was going to make a mess inside the kiln). After my first experiments was clear that the compatibility of these two materials is much higher than anyone could foresee, including myself.
I have been working intensely on this research project for 6 months split into two residencies. First, 3 months in summer 2018 at the EKWC1, the most technically advanced ceramic center in Europe, a renowned platform for experimentation in this field. Second, I was invited by the EKWC to keep developing my project in a 3 months residency at Jingdezhen International Studio, to celebrate EKWC 50th anniversary. Jingdezhen is China’s porcelain capital with a history of ceramic over 1700 years and its remarkable skills and resources.
After this 2 very intense period of experimentation I have learned a lot about the possibilities and limitations of combining ceramic and borosilicate glass. The research has been very surprising and fascinating so far, and I am very excited to keep exploring this promising field.
With the knowledge that I have gained I want to narrow the research to find an application that could be industrially implemented and to give a new life to borosilicate glass waste on a larger scale. At the same time I also want to keep expanding the project and its potential to innovate in the ceramic and glass art/craft/design field."