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Tawashi Brushes


Made by craftsman in Wakayama, Japan

These brushes are made of shuro, natural fiber of Trachycarpus Fortunei, a type of palm tree which had been cultivated in China and Japan for thousands of years. Its leaf sheath fiber is resistance to water because of natural oil contained and very supple making it suitable to make ropes, sacks and brushes.

Tawashi brush is something that almost every household of Japan has whether it is in kitchens, bathrooms or in the garden. Tawashi brush made of shuro fiber is much softer than that made of palm and has excellent durability when used in water. This one is particularly good for washing vegetables and delicate surfaces such as Teflon, enamel, glass and cast iron.

From Left: S-shape tawashi, Kamenoko Tawashi, tawashi