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Seven tone Pentatonic glockenspiel – in pure fifth tuning – 432 Hz


Made in Sweden by a community for adults with special needs

The pentatonic tuning is a basic musical phenomena. It consists of large second- and small third-interval steps. This scale enables the mixing of tones in any thinkable combination – yet it always plays heavenly, harmonic melodies. Pentatonic music is one of the most powerful tools to guide a child into the world of music.

In order to obtain an even warmer and more sonorous scale, this Glockenspiel is adjusted to the pitch 432 Hz. Due to its lower – 432 Hz – tuning specially adapted to the function of the ear, recommended by Rudolf Steiner and as tuned according to the mathematic musical rules revealed by Pythagoras, free from the internal interference inherent in regular tuned instruments, it is very suitable for relaxation and therapeutic purposes.

The bars are made of a special brass alloy that creates the amazing, golden sound. The bars are protected with a thin wax layer that allows you to polish them is they gets darker.

The appropriate age to pass such an instrument to the child to play all by itself would be from 3 years and up. Before this the curved glockenspiels shall be played by the adult for children or together with them.