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SABŌ Japanese Oragnic Teas


SABŌ is a brand-new Japanese tea label.
Organic teas carefully selected by Makio McDonald, are either non-caffeine or very low caffeine, making it perfect for those who are pregnant or can not take caffeines.

Soba Cha
Roasted buckwheat tea. It has a mild toasted flavor. It contains a large amount of the antioxidant lutin. Naturally no caffeine.

Mugi Cha
This organic barley tea has been gently roasted in an iron pot at a low temperature to enhance its mild flavor. Naturally no caffeine.

Sannen Bancha
Organic Sannen Bancha is mainly the stem, (70%) and the leaves, (30%) of the tea plant which has been picked only after three years. It is then slowly roasted over a wood burning fire. After which it is rested for over 6 months. This tea has a deep smoky flavor. Naturally very low caffeine.

This Hojicha (roasted tea) is made by roasting Sencha (unfermented green tea) at a very high temperature. It has a sweet toasted flavor and a refreshing after taste. Naturally low caffeine.

Bancha 'Aki' & Genmai
Bancha ‘Aki’ and toasted puffed-brown rice, (Genmai). The fresh slightly bitter Bancha ‘Aki’ tea is complimented by the toasted sweetness of the Genmai rice. Very low caffeine.