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Jute Shoes, Black


Designed in Mallorca

Part of the manufacturing process is done by hand with jute fibres by Bangladeshi craftswomen. Jute is a resistant, sustainable material which is of vital economic importance to many small, local farmers. Through Caritas Bangladesh, Pla is working with them and the craftswomen in keeping with the code of fair practices. With their incredible skill and care, the craftswomen form each shoe from a single jute braid. They hand-sew each turn of the previous braid joining a cotton lining to the inside of the shoe for a more comfortable fit.

Irene travels regularly to Bangladesh where she works together as a team with the craftswomen fine-tuning each detail as well as the quality of the finished product, in which comfort takes the same importance as perfection. Once the work of the craftswomen is complete, the shoes are taken to Majorca where they are finished with sole called suau. This consists of a thick layer of fabric and natural crepe to cushion the foot as much as possible. Local shoemakers join these two materials together thus finishing to this entirely handcrafted design.

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