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Wooden Clog Black


Made by a Finnish manufacture which has been making clogs since 1952 originally for workers in hospitals and care centres. The sole was designed by a team of orthopedics at a Helsinki Hospital. This makes all sense that the clogs are so comfortable.

Designed by Nene Tsuboi, a Japanese artist based in Helsinki, this clog is comfortable yet can be worn for formal occasions, too.

Sizes come in a little larger than expected.
If your size is 38.5cm, for an example, go for 38 unless you are planning to wear it with a thick pair of socks.

Design: Nene Tsuboi
Made in Myrskylä, Finland
Material: Leather, birch wood, rubber sole

Beneath the wooden sole is a thin rubber layer that keeps the shoe weatherproof and softer to walk on.