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Mended Tweed Blanket - Charcoal Grey

by Mourne Textiles

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Made in Northern Ireland

A fabric designed especially by Gerd Hay-Edie for Irish fashion designer Sybil Connolly's 1956 Spring collection, Mourne's Mended Tweed was a real talking point amongst the fashion elite.

"Here comes the girl in a suit in a completely new tweed. The threads are enormous, the weave as clumsy as bad darning, but the fabric that looks so primitive is cunningly subtle and soft."
- Journalist Anne Scott-James (Lady Lancaster)

An unusual layered weave, the cloth acquires it's organic, tactile quality from 'wild' traditional spun Pure Merino Donegal yarn, which creates beautiful flecks throughout, making each blanket completely unique.

- 150cm x 200cm
- Power Loom
- 100% Merino Wool
- Charcoal Grey/Natural White
- Purled fringe