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Max Lamb x Leach Pottery for Permanent Collection

by Max Lamb


Made in Cornwall

This trio of ceramics was designed exclusively for Permanent Collection by celebrated London-based designer Max Lamb. Inspired by works made during Lamb’s time at the J.B. Blunk Residency in Inverness, CA in 2009, these related, but subtly different, vessels reflect his exposure to the inventive ceramics of artist J.B. Blunk—pieces that intentionally skated the fine line between ‘function’ and ‘art.’

Made up of three shapes—a footed dish, cup, and bowl—each piece of the trio was hand-thrown by master ceramicists at the legendary Leach Pottery, one of the most-historically significant potteries in the world, which is located in Lamb’s native Cornwall, U.K.

Hand wash only. Dry thoroughly.

Sold individually