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Kitchen Cloth

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Tenugui is a plain weave of cotton cloth that probably most of household in Japan keeps at least one. Its ends are not sewn so that it will dry quickly and keeping it clean without bacteria hiding in the folds. The history of tenugui is very long, it is Edo era(1603 – 1868) that cotton products become popular among common people. Since then, tenugui is used as tea towel, handkerchief, scarf, body washing towel etc.

100% Cotton
W 37cm L 100cm

Linen Cloth
Made in France

A good cloth for wiping glassware.

100% Linen
W 50cm L 70cm

Half Linen Cloth
Made in Germany

A criss-cross blue-white diamond pattern, used as a good quality washing-up cloth but can be used as body towel and all around the house. Very hard-wearing.

52% Cotton 48 % Linen
W 49cm L 100cm