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Hand Pressed Palo Santo Incense bars


Hand pressed in Cusco, Peru

A100% natural product hand crafted from plants and resins native to the Andes Mountains. The main ingredients: Palo Santo and Wiraqoya are known throughout the land as medicines for cleansing, purification and good fortune.

They are produced with loving hands of local natives in Southern Peru, carefully blended and shaped into the sticks. They are then dried and packaged in handmade boxes. It is a Fair Trade project with people receiving a living wage and working in a cooperative environment.

Red - Myrrh: Myrrh has been used around the world for thousands of years to bring focus, lightness & to help open the heart. It has a wonderful scent and energy.

Green - Rosemary: A mediterranean bush now found throughout the world, rosemary is honoured for it's healing properties of improved memory, digestion, clarity and protection.

Blue - Copal: A resin found inside petrifying forests deep in the jungles of the America's, copal has many incredible healing properties; cleansing, purification & protection. It was kept burning atop the pyramids of the Aztec & Maya.

Violet - Pine: A resin found in evergreen trees, it is aromatic, cleansing & rejuvenating. It is used to bring in energy and to balance energy.