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Hand Built Cup


S: ø100 x H65mm

These potteries are made in Yokkaichi, a famous pottery town in Mie, Japan.

It came about through the collaborative effort of four manufactures specialized in Bankoyaki Ceramics, each of them bringing distinct techniques to create beautiful and practical potteries suitable for day to day use.

Bankoyaki dates back to the 18 century Edo period. The famous Tokaido trade route between Edo (today's Tokyo) and Kyoto brought prosperity to the region, encouraging local potteries to start producing more ceramics. At the end of the 19th century local manufacturers started to perfection their production techniques for world wide trading. Till the end of the 20th century the export of ceramics was one of the most important businesses in the Mie prefecture.
All four manufacturers have at least half a century experience if not longer. All of their products are hand made and all moulds are created and maintained by highly experienced artisans.

Sold individually.