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Glass Tumblers with Lustre, Singles

by Jochen Holz


Made in London

The design approach is lead by the making process and the flow of hot glass. Navigating the possibilities and restrictions of the technique and material. Every piece is unique, individually considered and finished, made from durable and heat resistant borosilicate glass.

These lustre effects are achieved by painting metallic oxides onto the molten glass. This gives them iridescently dreamlike finish.

- Unique one-off pieces
- Heat-Resistant Glass
- Sold as single piece

1. Approx. ø5cm, H: 8cm
2. Approx. ø5cm, H: 9.5cm
3. Approx. ø4.5cm, H: 9cm
4: Approx. ø7cm, H:12.3cm
5: Approx. ø6.5cm, H:9.2cm
6: Approx. ø6.8cm, H: 6cm