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Gift Pack: Warmth

by Momosan Shop



1x Hinoki Spa
1x SABŌ Japanese Organic Teas (Sannen Bancha)
1x Beeswax Candles
1x Cherry Stone Warming/Cooling Bag

Hinoki Spa: These bags contain highly aromatic wood shavings of Japanese Cypress (Hinoki). Made entirely from recovered material from forestry management and timber production. Simply place the bag into a hot bath and enjoy the calming and rejuvenating effects of a Japanese forest. One packet contains two bags.

Sannen Bancha: Organic Sannen Bancha is mainly the stem, (70%) and the leaves, (30%) of the tea plant which has been picked only after three years. It is then slowly roasted over a wood burning fire. After which it is rested for over 6 months. This tea has a deep smoky flavour. Naturally very low caffeine.

Bees Wax Candles: Hand made candles using natural beeswax sourced from a honey farm in Sussex, Uk. These candles burn beautifully and release natural beeswax scent. Two candle sticks in a pack H 205mm / Ø 26mm

Cherry Stone Bag - warming & cooling treatment: Cherry stones are a by-product of jam and Kirsch production. Traditionally used by Swiss distillery workers, it is both effective as a warming and cooling treatment. When heated, the cushion has a long-lasting penetrating warmth with a comforting cherry aroma. The cover is made from 100% cotton and is fully machine washable at 40°C with similar colours, the cushion can be dried in a tumble dryer. Chill it in the freezer, the cushion is also a perfect cold compress for sports injuries, bumps and puffy eyes. (The pattern of fabric depends on the availability)