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Exercises in Seating by Max Lamb

by Max Lamb and Dent de Leone


Exercises in Seating Max Lamb

Ode to chairs

Dear chairs,
You appear to be multiplying in our quiet brown house.

Some of you are familiar old friends, others of you have only just arrived and I haven’t quite got used to you yet. Some of you I can’t move, some of you make me constantly stub my toe. Others of you are light as air as I move you from one corner of the room
to another. Some of you are quite uncomfortable, others surprisingly relaxing; some quiet and humble, others a little louder. Some of you are ugly, but all of you are beautiful. Some of you I dislike, yet none I would want to live without.

You come from nature, from the ground, trees and rocks, but you also speak of modern times.

You are all different, but you are all made in the same spirit, by the same hands, and can stand alone or live together. Each of you speaks of a time, a place and a moment in our lives.

With love, Gemma

Author / Editor: Åbäke, Gemma Holt, Max lamb, Sarah Simpkin
Design: Åbäke
Year: 2015
Quality: Newsprint

Author / Editor: Åbäke, Gemma Holt, Max Lamb
Design: Åbäke
Year: 2016
Quality: Newsprint