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Cherry Bark Tea Spoon

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Made in Akita, Japan

Kabazaiku is the regional craft of making products from wild cherry tree bark in Kakunodate, Japan. Originating from the 18th century, Kaba craft was initially used for making brush handles, bows, and sheaths for swords. Passed down from masters to apprentices, the techniques are continually evolving.

The distinctive dark red colour is a combination of the natural colour of the bark and the tree’s sap.

Avoid prolonged storage in damp places, excessive dryness or direct sunlight. Occasionally wipe with a soft cloth or tissue (do not wipe
with a wet cloth) in the direction of the grain

Please note that each piece vary as they are made by hands using natural material.

Small: 32 x 75 mm
Large: 34 x 90 mm