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Breu Resin Incense Sticks



Made in Brazil

The earthy and bright scented Breu resin comes from hardened sap of the Almacega tree in the Amazonia rainforest. This resin is widely used in indigenous South American traditions for its practical, medicinal and spiritual applications.

The Breu Resin is extracted by small & medium certified companies that have been working for years extracting oils and butters from Amazonian Seeds and also working with Breu Resin. The resin is extracted by cutting lines along the bark of the tree and collecting the accumulated hardened sap. This action is beneficial to the natural growth of the trees and have been done by riverine and Amazonian indigenous communities for centuries.

The great benefit of supporting these types of productions, that up-values what the forest has to gift us, in counter part to extractivist industries such as mining, logging, soy bean and cattle, is that these practices create local economies that support the health of the Forest and the communities that live in it

We stock Chacrona & Jagube blend and Palo Santo blend.