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Fermenting Pot

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Pickling is a way of preserving food for months otherwise perishes. As much as the resulting flavour of salty and sour are enjoyed, some pickles are beneficial to our health because of unpasteurized lactic acid and rich vitamins produced by bacteria which contribute to the nutritional intake. German sauerkraut and Korean Kimchi are among them and they are both produced in similar ways by natural fermentation at room temperature. They are both made and kept in a ceramic fermenting pot, just like how Japanese keeps nukadoko, a pasty mush of rice bran powder, to make nukazuke, a type of Japanese pickles. Every bacteria and culture has specific temperature requirements and ceramic pots are ideal as it keeps temperature variation minimum.

German sauerkraut pot seems the perfect solution for making Japanese pickles and Korean kimchi, miso and umeboshi.

It comes with ceramic weight stones to weigh down the lid and apply pressure during the fermentation process while a gutter in the rim which is filled with water allows fermentation gasses to escape without allowing air to enter the crock pot.

H 30cm/ Ø 24cm 5.5kg